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Listening to our customers is the critical first step in the The Spokesman process. Each rider has different needs based on physiology, application, environmental conditions, and budget constraints. We love talking to our customers, and there is no better way to help us understand each athlete. We will take time to explain the trade-offs of weight, durability and component limitations for each configuration we recommend. Please feel free to contact us for help with your next set of wheels.

The Spokesman
Bespoke Wheel Building

We are one of the UK’s very best custom bicycle wheel builders. We lovingly lace and hand build bicycle wheels for road, off-road and everything in between. 

We pick the very best rims, hubs and spokes and use the very finest equipment to hand build your perfect wheels. We’ll get to know you, your bike, your riding style and your budget to create a wheelset to last a lifetime. 

We’re based in The Lake District and deliver wheels anywhere in the World.

Owner Simon has  years of experience with all types of cycles. On the road, MTB, velodrome, track, and in the workshop. So he knows first hand what works and what doesn't and can advise you on literally any bike wheel related issue you may have. 

What is a spoke? You can define it in different ways: a piece of steel, a wire, a spring or, what we like best, the connection between the hub and the rim.  Being the link between the hub and the rim, the spoke has multiple functions:

  • Carry: spokes carry the weight of the bicycle as well as it load.
  • Absorb: spokes absorb the irregularities of the road and ensure the comfort of the rider.
  • Transmission: spokes transmit acceleration and braking effort of the rider.

When you see professional riders coming downhill at close to 90 km/h on their bike, you realize the vital importance to get the best quality of spokes and nipples.


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